Specialist in WordPress website development

WordPress Website Development

WordPress continues to be one of the most used Content Management Systems for website development. Current stats for 2023 indicate around 43% of all websites use WordPress; if you break that down into sites using a CMS, it’s an impressive 63%.

My current core expertise is with WordPress combined with the Elementor page builder. I’ve used many other website development applications over the years plus coding with HTML and CSS as required. I’m currently expanding my knowledge to cover layout tools such as Figma and other visual site builders such as Bricks.

Over the last decade my core expertise has evolved to encompass the design and development of WordPress websites. This has included 3-page brand websites through to full eCommerce sites with user-level access and pricing tiers.

Are you looking at building a new WordPress website? Perhaps you have an existing website that requires improved navigation, is easier to maintain and offers responsive design across different devices.

Call me (Richard) on 0428 825 590 or get in touch here.

Tuition: looking for help or to skill-up yourself or a staff member with maintaining your website? If you’re based in the Adelaide Hills, I may be available for on-site tuition.

A quick note about this website: you may notice that the placement of elements throughout the pages on this site is more fluid than many other sites – on a desktop you’ll notice this if you resize the width of the browser. The Elementor page builder (among others) now defaults to using Flexbox Containers over the old rows-and-columns layout.

It’s a different way of managing the placement and flow of elements on a page, it’s the way of the future.

Current and recent sites:

Aviation Museum National Network
amnn.com.au – development and maintenance of the website for the national network of Aviation Museums in Australia.

Woodchuck Horticulture Products
woodchuck.com.au – development of a WordPress / WooCommerce webstore for the wholesale horticulture tools distribution arm of the ACW Group. I built this site fully in-house without any external developer assistance. I utilised several key paid plugins to deliver the added functionality along with several code snippets from WordPress help pages and Stack Overflow to fix or modify specific issues and requirements.

The site features supplier login, customer only pricing, customer level control, volume breaks and volume pricing tier functionality. All customers need to be approved before they can view pricing and place orders, customers can also be assigned to different levels depending on their pricing group. Product archive pages can also be displayed by tiles or table and the main menu dynamically changes when a customer logs in for a more efficient user experience.

As all customers are approved account holders, credit card processing was not required; all orders are simply set as ‘Charge to Account’. I also took the photos and edited/masked many of the products featured throughout the webstore.

SnakeProtex Supplier & Stockist Finder
snakeprotex.com – development of a WordPress website to promote the SnakeProtex gaiters. Site includes a customised Google Maps database of suppliers and stockists within Australia and overseas.

Possum Guard brand website
possumguard.com.au – a simple 3-page WordPress website that helps brand the product and drives a surprising amount of traffic and sales directly to Arborgreen’s national retail and trade webstore.

Other recent experience: 5+ years managing the 2000+ products on the Arborgreen national webstore – note: this is not a WordPress website, rather a bespoke store developed by WebNinja who are based in Brisbane I believe.

Specialist in WordPress website development
Specialist in the Elementor Page Builder fro WordPress
Specialist in WooCommerce webstores for WordPress