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Submitted information and webstore orders.
I do not currently run an email subscriber list; any personal information submitted via the contact form or a webstore order will only be used for direct communication via email or phone. If you receive any correspondence from another source claiming to be from this website, chances are it’s not me.

The site uses Microsoft Clarity to measure and track user interaction with the site. This is similar to Analytics data that many sites traditionally use Google Analytics for, Clarity offers more focus on Heat-Mapping interactions as a user navigates through the site.

Microsoft Clarity

I’ve chosen Clarity over GA4 (Google Analytics 4) for smaller sites as the setup and integration is very straight forward plus the report screens are clear and easy to interpret. Google’s new GA4 (Universal Analytics was officially turned off in July 2023) is a hugely complex undertaking, and in my opinion, is best for large websites and webstores that warrant the time and resources to implement it correctly. I used UA (universal analytics) for 20+ years and have some experience setting up GA4.

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