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Plumed Whistling Ducks

Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary, 3rd of June 2023. Nikon D7500

Abstract, Blues & Greens

Abstract in Earthy Blues, Turquoise and Greens

Abstract, Blue-Greens & Neutrals

Abstract in Earthy Blues, Greens and Neutrals

Abstract, Blues & Orange No.1

Abstract in Earthy Tones of Blue and Orange No.1

Abstract, Blues & Orange No.2

Abstract in Earthy Tones of Blue and Orange No.2

Red Poppy

Red Poppy, Mounth Lofty Botanic Gardens, December 2023. Nikon D7500

Yellow-Red Flowers

Yellow Red Flowers – Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens | December 2023. Nikon D7500

Siberian Iris

Siberian Iris, 21st of January 2019. Nikon D200

Abstract, Blue, Orange & Brass

Abstract in Tones of Blue, Orange and Brass